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More Revenue, Less Stress

One of Einstein's famous quotes is:

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

Better performance, more income and less stress, can only be achieved by applying new and different theories and methods.

I provide you with these new and better theories and methods.

To create a successful organization you need to care for, and nurture your people like you would a plant.


My purpose is to grow your revenue with less stress. I have over 40 years experience as a successful manager, coach and consultant in helping organizations improve their performance. Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the man who re-engineered Japan after WW II, sponsored my immigration to the US, where I developed scores of clients in the US and internationally. Recently I  moved back to South Africa and operate internationally from my office on the beautiful “Garden Route Coast”.

 I am an expert in leadership philosophy, its application, business systems development, process improvement, and data-based decision-making. Due to my international exposure I bring a world-vision to my consulting and teaching. I have degrees in Business Leadership, Mathematics and Statistics.

If you are satisfied with your current performance you need not do anything, however, if not satisfied I can help  you improve performance and financial success, which is precisely what I do for my clients.


Consulting & Coaching
Onsite & Remote Training
Data Analysis & Interpretation
Software to Measure & Improve your Business


Dr. W. Edwards Deming

I have known Mr. Hacquebord for six years, and am qualified to speak of his specialized education in the theory of probability, his exceptional ability as a scholar in statistical theory, to his skill and success in application thereof in the field of management. In each company he achieved significant improvement of process and of product, and introduced education of management and other improvements through statistical principles that he learned from my teachings. In fact, Mr. Hacquebord is one of the ten men on my worldwide list for assistance in my seminars, and as a competent consultant in answer to an enquiry.”

Doug Perks, President Eclipse Inc

I did my MBA at Northwestern but my ability to apply what I had learned wasn’t complete until I took a course from Heero Hacquebord. What Heero brings to the table is a profound knowledge of a system and how management is involved, how you want to live your life and how it all connects to make a better place for all of us to live in.”

Dr. Judith Ryan, V.P. University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Heero Hacquebord is one of the most knowledgeable statisticians in the country in terms of methods and tools of statistical process control and continuous improvement. He’s uniquely able to help the committed of an organization translate knowledge to their own setting. People who understood what Heero was talking about were changed forever.”                                                                                      



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