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Heero Hacquebord is an innovator in improving business performance, process and product quality. He has a record of helping organizations create more revenue with less stress. In fact, organizations that he worked with who were unable to create more success and revenue had one property in common, they did not apply his teachings and did not follow his advice.


Heero  invented and designed methods and techniques for improving business and manufacturing process performance and defined terms and descriptions, many of which have been copied the world over.


Some specific examples are:

  • The  concept of waste reduction through analysis of value-added and non-value-added processes and activities. This concept and method of analysis was created by Heero before he emigrated to the US, and only after he practised and applied these concepts in the US, was the concept of "Lean Manufacturing" published.

  • Process improvement methodolgy by using the theory of a 4 Sigma was part of our teachings in South Africa, long before Motorola brought about 6 Sigma, which was applied and marketed by General Electric, who utilized similar teachings and applications.

  • Our ProAptive software for data analysis has preceded companies now registered as ProAptive Inc. 


I work with not for profit and for profit organizations and individuals to help them identify the contributors to stress and the inhibitors that prevent maximization of revenue. I suggest strategies, methods and applications to remedy the situation, and improve performance. I  am able to help you by providing you with  my proprietary services and products.  Some of which are:

  1. Remote, as well as on site training, coaching and consulting.

  2. Blogs and discussions.

  3. Software:

  • ​​ProAptive data analysis software that drives data-based decision-making, to accomplish appropriate action

  • AptTool Business Operating Systems Software (BOSS) that helps design and create capable systems and processes.  AptTool also has the ability to document processes and bring them into compliance with ISO  and other regulatory requirements.


Heero is the owner of Apt Leadership, LLC;  a registered company in South Carolina USA. The name Apt Leadership is an acronym adopted from Appropriate Leadership. It was registered in Wisconsin, then in the State of Washington, after which the registration was moved to South Carolina. Apt Leadership operates internationally with an office in South Africa.

The aim of Apt Leadership has always been to change and improve performance of individuals, private, public, and government organizations, through understanding and application of a leadership philosophy that respects people, and provides theory and methods undergirded by science. Because the name Apt Leadership has been extensively copied, knowingly or unknowingly, by other organizations currently trading under that name, I have decided to now market my services under and Heero Hacquebord.




I have known Mr. Hacquebord for six years, and am qualified to speak of his specialized education in the theory of probability, his exceptional ability as a scholar in statistical theory, to his skill and success in application thereof in the field of management. In each company he achieved significant improvement of process and of product, and introduced education of management and other improvements through statistical principles that he learned from my teachings. In fact, Mr. Hacquebord is one of the ten men on my worldwide list for assistance in my seminars, and as a competent consultant in answer to an enquiry.”                                                                                                                                                            W. Edwards Deming

(The man who re-engineerd Japan after WWII)

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