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I work with service and manufacturing organisations, and specifically owner-managed companies and CEO’s/top leaders in public companies. My aim is to help clients increase revenue with less stress. I do this through consulting and business coaching by identifying the following examples that contribute to high stress and/or sub-optimized revenue:

  • Low intrinsic motivation and why it exists in the organization.

  • Untrained and uninformed staff.

  • Lack of clear instructions that cause variation in quality and productivity, and prevent the application of best practices.

  • High costs, waste and non-value-added processes.

  • Lack of product/service demand where it exists.

  • People who are placed in the incorrect jobs.

  • Lack of effective leadership.

  • Dysfunctional behaviour and its effect on the organization.

  • Poor pricing.

  • Poor quality and productivity.

Once I have identified opportunities for less stress and more revenue I meet with the organizational leaders and formulate strategies for improvement and change. The implementation of these strategies can be any or all of the following:

  • Coaching and counselling for leaders and or staff.

  • Training for leaders and or staff.

  • On the job training and hands-on application.

  • Changes to procedures, policies and practices where necessary, to reduce stress and create more revenue.

I accomplish the above via personal on-site visits, telephone calls, emails, and remote on-line communications, conferences, and use of  our proprietary software

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