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I have known Mr. Hacquebord for six years, and am qualified to speak of his specialized education in the theory of probability, his exceptional ability as a scholar in statistical theory, to his skill and success in application thereof in the field of management. In each company he achieved significant improvement of process and of product, and introduced education of management and other improvements through statistical principles that he learned from my teachings. In fact, Mr. Hacquebord is one of the ten men on my worldwide list for assistance in my seminars, and as a competent consultant in answer to an enquiry.”
                                                                                                                                                            W. Edwards Deming

“I did my MBA at Northwestern but my ability to apply what I had learned wasn’t complete until I took a course from Heero Hacquebord. What Heero brings to the table is a profound knowledge of a system and how management is involved, how you want to live your life and how it all connects to make a better place for all of us to live in.”

                                                                                                                                           Doug Perks, President, Eclipse


“Heero Hacquebord is one of the most knowledgeable statisticians in the country in terms of methods and tools of statistical process control and continuous improvement. He’s uniquely able to help the committed of an organization translate knowledge to their own setting. People who understood what Heero was talking about were changed forever.”
                                                                                              Dr. Judith Ryan, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Examples of a collection of other testimonial quotes:

  • “Heero Hacquebord helps people look at the world completely different, expanding horizons. He teaches people how to apply problem solving, statistical thinking and psychological principles for teams which allow people to be involved at all levels.”

  • “Heero Hacquebord is able to create methods and tools to help organizations move forward quickly.”

  • “He is intuitively creative in his thinking yet synchronized with Deming’s teachings. Heero Hacquebord has enough experience in enough environments to apply it anywhere he goes.”

  • “Heero is someone who can take the new stuff and run it against the old stuff and make sense.”

  • “Heero Hacquebord taught from the top to the shop floor and the effect on the organization was profound. His problem solving is phenomenal.”

  • “Invigorating… Stimulating”

  • “We’d reached a point were we realized we had a large area of ‘conscious incompetence’. We needed help to move at a faster pace, we needed profound knowledge. We looked for an outside mentor, interviewed several but Heero clearly fit the bill.”

  • “I refer to his handbook and find it useful. Also I like it that I can call and fax Heero. My use of the information from Heero Hacquebord is ongoing. I use statistical process control every day.”

  • “Heero Hacquebord challenges people’s thinking. He doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear.”

  • “People started plotting statistical data, management data and now realize the importance of charting and have saved lots of dollars.”

  • “When Heero teaches he has everyone on the edge of their seat. He takes a tough subject and makes it interesting.”

  • “Heero helped us set our aim and guiding principles.”


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