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How do you view your organization

An international Energy Company recently underwent a change in CEO. This is causing major changes and shifts, along with discussions in the business media.


  1. What is causing these changes?

  2. Why not continue on the path of the previous CEO?

  3. Did the previous CEO cause poor performance that now has to be acted upon?

  4. How did the previous CEO view the organization?

  5. How does the new CEO view the organization?

  6. How do the board of directors view the organization?

  7. How does all this affect the people employed by the organizatgion?

Answers to these questions depend on the view of the organization by the board of directors and differences in organizational view by the previous, and current CEO.

The view you have of your organization will determine what guides your leadership paradigm, methods and applications, and ultimately your revenues. Focussing on revenues and share price alone does not produce revenues. The question is: "What should your major focus be"?

You should view your organization as a business system producing products and services that help your existing and potential customers. This will set the basis for you to generate more revenue with less stress.

I view my organization as a system that engages in strategies that help my clients make more money with less stress.


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